Easy to play, easy to learn


Choose any combination you want to take on.  The more operators you choose the higher possible score you can get.

You can play with negative numbers too!

Speed Levels

Another goal of a mission is to get as many points as possible.  You get a maximum of 100 points for each equation you answer correctly during the learning scene and 20 points for each equation you answer correctly during the challenge scene.

You will lose points if an equation hits your spacecraft in the learning scene, however; if you answer correctly too late you will still lose points.  It is still important to get the equations correct before colliding with the spacecraft because if you get it correct twice it will be considered learned, this in turn eliminates the equation from the mission.

Customizable Missions

The goal of every mission is to eliminate all equations.  To eliminate an equation, the player must correctly answer an equation twice; either once per learning scene or twice during one learning scene.  It is considered that the player has learned an eliminated equation.

Control how long it takes for equations to hit your spacecraft by selecting Turbo for the longest time, Warp for the shortest time and Full Throttle for an amount of time between the other two.  Remember, enter the answer and press the green check submit button before the equation hits your spacecraft though.

Multiply, Divide, Add,or Subtract